Friday, April 06, 2007

If you're still reading this...

The End

A towel, fig bars and a bottle of mead.
The End. I cannot grasp it, and I plead.
You cannot "keep me hanging", as you say.
Well, cut me down tomorrow, not today.

~ From All You Who Sleep Tonight. Vikram Seth

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whatever happens to Loooove...

In all the hoopla about cricketers losing their corporate sponsorships, one important issue has been forgotten.

Just wondering...what happens now to our cricketers who were dating models/starlets/Page3 wannabes? Do they get DUMPED??? Is someone going to ask the all important question to Isha, Priya, Nagma, Kim?

Of course, I think the smartest of the lot is Amrita Arora, who (a) dates a Paki cricketer who hardly plays any cricket which is aired- and hence doesn't risk public bad performances, (b) Has a hot brother to keep her entertained while Big Brotha is playing village cricket in England.

Anyway... I guess I just happen to be in aparticulalry bad mood today.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Maine Bahut Duniya Dekhi Hai

But for the sky there are no fences facing
In the society we live in, our growing up years are littered with instances when someone or the other tells us – Listen to my advice- I have seen the world. I have heard this, and so has almost everyone else I know.

I have often wondered what it means- to have seen the world. I mean almost everyone without exception goes through experiences throughout their living years. Everyone sees the world. So what is it that differentiates my world from yours?

Recently, I found myself in a somewhat of a spot. I was forced to shake myself out of inertia, take some possibly life altering decision… a lot more followed and even till date I am not quite comfortable with the outcome. Actually I am not even sure if there has been an outcome. But anyway, that’s not the point. Over the course of this (in) decision-making process I was told time and again by various people the same lines, over and over. And since there were people on both sides of the fence, I had to sit down and ask that question all over again.

And I realized this one thing. Life throws experiences and opportunities at almost everyone, but probably at different points of time. So technically everyone has had their one big moment, their one shot at ever lasting fame. Likewise, life also takes you through these twists and turns the outcomes of which are not always pleasant. But what matters most is what they did with it. How they reacted to those situations, and I have come to the conclusion- that what you see in life is actually a function of how you reacted to what you saw. There is always this “outcome” tint to experience.

Consider love. People who have had great experiences at relationships are more likely to prod you towards one. Consider drastic career changes- people who have managed it successfully will always tell you to throw off the bowlines, catch the trade winds and sail away from safe harbors. People who have never lifted their anchors are unlikely to be able to advise otherwise.

Which brings me to the next issue- that of being called the original vagabond. Not that I am called that all the time, but yes it has been done before. I have also heard many people use the word in their profiles on Orkut and their like. I guess the only people who can definitely be called vagabonds a re those who have in their heart of hearts never felt the need to act as one. Never desired to break the chains, they usually just slip off. I guess vagabonds are the only true believers of the fact that life is a series of dots and one can only connect them looking backwards- so they just follow their heart.

Been watching a few movies lately- Namesake (which was OK) and Little Miss Sunshine (better). Now I want to watch 300 and Pursuit of Happyness. Maybe tonight. Today I came into work all excited to find that most markets are closed… hence the post.