Monday, June 12, 2006

D and Me

D is not taking my calls, nor does she reply to my messages. When I do manage to get through, she delivers a never to be fulfilled callback promise. When button-holed she throws busy vibes at me. Though this does not excessively disturb me, I must admit having missed her company and attention, over the last week or so.

So what has gone wrong? Probably nothing. And being a complete “time and space” person, I am just indifferent to be at the giving end for these precious commodities. But since I have little to do this Monday afternoon, I might do a bit a pondering over this.

This is certainly not the first time she’s been up to these tactics, and I’m sure this won’t be the last. I suspect she does this, mostly unintentionally, from time to time to just recalibrate her equations with people around her. In the past, I have resorted to such techniques myself, and found that I just held this general continuing resentment against people from whom I couldn’t distance myself every once in a while. For instance, my bosses of those times. For instance, my engineering college room-mate of four years.

In short D is, probably inadvertently, giving me a dose of my own medicine. Only each time she does these things, I grow a little more confused.

Of course there is the possibility that she is genuinely upset about something, and if I think about it, I might have given her ample reasons in the fortnight before.

But in either case it cannot be helped.

Overall a very entertaining weekend to end a very hectic but fruitless week- even if you leave aside the musings over D. First, alcohol, the opening games of the World Cup, sitting next to Boss-Man, who is soon to be the Big Man, more alcohol, followed by the peripheral company a number of filmy people at Lokhandwala. Which for me, of course remained, a mere observation exercise. Then home and long international calls, over more alcohol. Two packs of cigarettes, a lot of booze and plenty of observations.

Saw Inside Man on Saturday, and thought that while it had been super-hyped on IMDB, it was actually a pretty decent movie. I like movies that have slick production quality and don’t really tell a story the way it happened, and of course leave multiple meanings behind. Of course Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, and Jodie Foster are worth every penny; though I did think that the latter just had a walk on part in the film.

And then those long, long chats. Love, life, bachelorhood, alcohol, intimacy. And saying things like- It is not love unless you can make an exception. I think one needs to be seriously sozzled to say such things.

Of course the Super Sports Sunday took the cake. I never thought I was the kind which watches cricket while Holland plays soccer, but it so happened that Viru was dishing out some fairly delectable stuff. And the word “delectable” reminds me that I missed an opportunity to date the extremely tasty Ms. JB, on Sunday evening, through a combination of boredom, laziness and soccer. Of course, I wasn’t able to avoid IK later in the evening, who had just returned from Bangkok, and wanted to share his exploits in the city, followed by a display of his new 700 THB Rolex, and a T-shirt which announces his virginity in the front while adding that it is and old T-Shirt at the back. I suggested that the back-side should also mention it was a very old (and bad) joke.

And last but not the least for those who just can’t handle so much sports, there was always Mika digging his teeth into what he thought was the icing on his birthday cake; and the rest is History. And there was also an interview of this scorching hot woman who came on TV to deny that she was Sahil Zaroo’s girl-friend. Man… this guy called her some six times that night. I can’t think of just another girl taking so many calls from me, if I were in that state. Whatever it is, I guess I am in the wrong line of work- trading all right, but all the wrong commodities. Never knew a gram of cocaine could land one such hot dates; or so much trouble. Both the episodes were extremely hilarious and the entertainment lasted till late night. All this is called national news. Wow! With news channels like this, Bollywood might soon be out of business.

I am going to be in Hyd this week- never been there and am quite looking forward to it.

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dazedandconfused said...

Man, I so agree with you on the crap which poses as prime time news. And welcome to Hyd...

Let me know if you need some booze company...