Monday, June 25, 2007

The Rain…

... moved in noisily last night like a victorious army walks through the gates of a fallen city. Stealth in approach, raucous in conquest, its drops made the pitter-patter on the corrugated steel canopy of my house, much like the beating of a victory drum. There was no sense of compromise in its beat; it was, here to stay.

I stood by the window, watching a people taken by surprise, scurrying for cover, or blithely stepping out for a laugh, a good time. Its time had come. I remembered how I read somewhere that the first showers of Bombay rumbled in like a train. It is easy to associate trains with rains in Bombay- they will eventually be brought to a halt one day, if only for a few hours.

The Flame of the Forest blossoms outside my window, which I can almost touch, extending my arm from here, sway wildly, as if intoxicated. The sky in the absence of stars is a deeper blue, with only occasional blur of clouds made orange by tiny specks of sunlight trapped within. The wind is maddening, breath taking, bringing in splashes of rain, and many memories. My face is moist, and my lenses lashed with pristine drops of water- I have long given up trying to keep them dry. The wind, it feels heavenly, and almost is.

Tomorrow, there will probably be images of fallen trees, uprooted telephone poles, of trains wading through murky water. In the morning, twigs and blackened flowers will be found on the sidewalks, on tops of cars, to be wiped off by well meaning hands. Tomorrow, if this downpour does not subside, the ride back home will be murderous. But for now, I don’t want to think about that at all.


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Anonymous said...

I love your posts and I like it somehow that you are writing more frequently...but that somehow so doesn't resemble you

Anonymous said...

Hey man.. i know you dont care much for comments but anyways here goes a this woman from a small town, married to an orthodox family with a hubby with a traditional mindset..mind you-no complaints there.. but my only window to the world that I inwardly belong to- is this blog site.. i travel the world, read Ithaca, discuss poetry, jazz, movies,do a jit - in this small space.. I wait every day to let my mind thrive and live the life it fiercely,passionately and doggedly wants to live!
Thanks man.. Thanks a ton -For helping me straddle two diverse worlds, both of which I love dearly! Heres to you man!

The One said...

Mueja: Lovely snaps man!!!

Anon1: It doesn't, and see I haven't written anything in over a week.

Anon2: Is this for real? Thanks, anyway.