Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guilty as Charged

This is why misanthropes like me love Scott Adams


dazedandconfused said...

He did make a real connection there. I read it (from before) and went straight to his comments section to say 'Yes! Yes!' and found a whole bunch of people saying the same thing.
Do you think two introverts would get along well together...?

MJS said...

The mood of your blog has always been 'melancholy' - sometimes I wonder if you intended it to be like that - but your recent posts are disturbing.

When are we meeting up for a drink, so that we can raise a toast to our lives and vik can drive us back when we are piss drunk!

The One said...

D&C: I think it is a very flattering post from SA for all misanthropes

MJS: Not to worry... I am just an attention grabber. Btw... I have a driver now. Drink? Anytime!!!

Anonymous said...

You said, I had my plans and you never were a part.

I said, well - I said a few things too many.

I thought, you kept the tissue but could not the person.