Sunday, September 16, 2007


People disappoint me.
I tell them at outset
they will. They insist...
(in not so many words)
"No, I'm the real deal..."
and sometimes
I am taken in. But
in the end... people
Disappoint, dismay.
Thankfully in most cases,
the lightbulb flickers
soon enough. In others...
Well they linger to crystallize
The Pain

PS: I am Sure that I disappoint people too

I sign-out with one of the most beautiful closing sequences I have known. Its from the Bergman movie, Skammen, and it summarizes his work, and a lot of other things so beautifully:
"It wasn't too awful since it was so beautiful".

Good night. You have been a wonderful audience.


Anonymous said...

Where are you T.O.?

shikha said...

i guess you are just meeting the same kind of people....probably because you arent outgrowing a particular phase in your life?

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