Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We met and passed, like shadows.

It must go down as one of my shortest lived crushes.
It began with a few clicks, and ended likewise.


shikha said...

Interesting T.O!!Everything that begins needs to end...wat say??

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed ! However, i fail to fathom why men in general don't discuss their "present" crushes!

T.O- Would it not be more interesting telling us about your existing crushes, rather than the ones which have ended...haina!

Unless of course T.O is shy to write anything about her. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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shuchika said...


lost my cell, and also ur number and the possibility of many drunk evenings at boat, shack and sevens

getting pissed drunk and talking to no one in particular and about nothing in particular.

send me a message, my nuber remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Agreed T.O. Falstaff writes really well. His post on love (http://2x3x7.blogspot.com/2006/08/love-by-numbers.html) is quite impressive.

But, when i write comments on 'your' blog, i would like to read 'your' views!

dazedandconfused said...

Wo Man, you write two lines and get six comments (including mine)!

What gives?!

Anonymous said...

Brevity is beautiful. I finally liked one of your posts.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, not that it matters, not that most things matter.

Anonymous said...

Indeed anonymous. T.O has been writing quite well these days.

Wonder who he is trying to impress?

The One said...

Must apologize for the brevity of this post. Just too much on my mind lately.

Shikha: Needs to end - yes, no , maybe. Depends on what we are referring to.

Anon1: The time will come. Don't think I'm going to get over it that easily. Anyway, I do write about my "live" crushes, as the previous posts on "Ms.P" will prove. If "Girl likes guy and vice versa" things happen- agreed. But when you're nearing thirty, there's other baggage to consider. It is debatable and interesting. Watch out for my next post.

Shuchika: Now you have my number.... So let's catch up!!!

Anon2: I have posted my views on love and relationships previously. There's something welling up inside right now, but for the time being its just too raw and I am rather unsure whether it should be here anyway. For the time being I can offer you these



D&C: No idea man- but I remain eternally grateful.

Anon3: You are so right. Nothing much matters and nothing matters much. But then we both could be wrong about the same thing, and thats why we agree so much. I glad you liked my post. Finally. Waiting for your return.

Anon4: Impress?? Alas!

Anonymous said...

"The time will come"- yea T.O. If it comes, I would love reading it.

"Don't think I'm going to get over it that easily"...Now when did I say you need to get over anything at all...rest assured, i hope you can get in and out of anything, anyplace, anytime...and take as much time for either !

Agreed T.O- I had forgotten about Ms.P and many others. Things happen. Agreed on that front too. But what baggage do you have in mind???