Friday, February 23, 2007

As I lay next to you

I noticed how your skin creased mildly around the corner of your lips. How the smooth of your cheek merged into the valley of your neck- and the slight hairiness of it. How the follicles near your ear stood up each time you exhaled, and the incandescence of them in my dimly lit bedroom. I noticed the one nibbled nail of your middle finger- the one you raise to me every now and then, how the little calluses had formed around it. I realized that your recently straightened hair tickled me a lot more than the soft fluffy one before. I wondered whether my reply in the negative on your gaining weight question had anything to do with the peaceful look on your face as you slept. You should know- I've been around way too much to fall for that question.

And that before you had dozed off your last words were "There is no us."

They say that the in-betweens are always the best.

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Anonymous said...

Making blogposts out of nothing at all. You have been selling for too long and perhaps too well.