Monday, March 26, 2007


Posts like this amuse me a lot. (Sorry my friend, but yours was the only URL I had at hand).

Although my interest in cricket perks up only once every four years, I do appreciate any game in between which is well contested. And think its only natural. But every time an Indian writes something that begins by saying “Apparently there's a World Cup on.” (I actually read that somewhere) I am sure there is a lot of bull-shitting and “I am so cool!” to follow (Oh I don’t watch cricket- don’t even know what you’re talking about- so what if I left the shores of India all of 2 years back). Even though we live on HK Island or PA, some part of our social circle is still Indian where discussions on cricket are inevitable.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. In my opinion, our cricketers are getting what they deserve- perhaps a little less. Though I would not go out in the streets and participate in what is being done, but I don’t throw my hands up in the air in exasperation saying what a nation of fanatics we are. And to a very great extent also because I had no role to play in making heroes (or millionaires) out of these blokes.

My moot issue is this: when a Sachin Tendulkar or a Dhoni gets awarded a huge ad contract- they bloody well know that it is for the adulation they have received from their fans and not just because they play a good game of cricket. In most of these cases, the numbers being thrown about are bigger than most of us (the players included) can imagine, much less justify. But they don’t stand up and say, well I don’t think I could justifiably be awarded a contract of that size- so please bring the amount down a bit. They love the money, the tax waivers on luxury cars, that come with the irrationality, but not the brickbats. (Oh Baby, you really thought that those Burberrys and the BCBGs cost only money? Or for that matter that LV little nothing that you bought for your Bollywood starlet girl? Sweetie, nothing in this world comes for free... not even in India.)These cricketers command prices and I am sure their “Jerry McGuires” are tough negotiators. And when things go wrong, you see paper tigers appear all over the place, condemning the demolitions, the face blackening, the rides on the donkey, the fake corpses etc. And you see Dravid whine on TV- “I hope no one will be in physical danger.”

Yes, I am against physical attacks- and I sincerely hope that things do not boil down to that. But what’s wrong with a little good ole heckling every once in a while? What’s wrong if a thousand people turn up at the airport to shout slogans? They are wasting their own time, their own energy. I am cool, as long as they do not bring along a few Molotov cocktails to lob. Anyway, there is no such thing as enough humiliation for our cricketers.

Anyway, after watching the Australians batting the very next day, or for that matter the initial part of SA innings, I am convinced how ill-informed and illogical the average Indian cricket lover is- what fantastic teams they are!!!

How will it help? It won’t. Its not supposed to. How have the sponsorships helped? Has anyone become a better cricketer by appearing in more ads? Nothing ever can help cricket in India- why? Because you can’t run "everything" with a sole personal profit motive which is what the players and the BCCI are hell bent upon doing. Don’t get me wrong- I am not against people making hay while the sun shines, not against channeling the fanaticism of the masses towards hefty bank balances- isn’t that what “the free market” is all about? But I am very, very against people who whine and moan when it works against them. It reminds me of that quote which goes something like it is better to have an intelligent enemy than have a dumb friend.
Some day hopefully cricket will slip from this pedestal and be replaced by, say, Sudoku. Till then... Enjoy!!!

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