Monday, June 04, 2007

Mini-size Me

The problem of being an odd size means more often than not I end up at the tailors. I like being there though- get my choice of fabric, and having spent a large majority of my life being terribly unkempt I am now at last waking up to the pleasures of fine dressing. I have always been choosy about footwear, but that isn't quite in the same league.

Off the shelf, I can buy shirts of only one brand. And even that brand reserves plain whites and blues for my size. I mean who gets to decide that big guys can wear anything they want while we have nothing more than blues for a wardrobe. If there can be outlets for over-sized women, why not for under-sized men!!!

Recently I was pleased to note that Lee has introduced a line of skinny jeans. Thank God for that. But while I do get the rare size in denims, with trousers... no way!

Which brings me to my current predicament. Finding myself at home in Bandra at 7PM on a Monday evening (a rare event), I decided to get myself new trousers. Being a veteran in superstore mega-disappointment, I headed to a fancy tailor. Unable to make up my mind in choosing between charcoal grays or fine pin-stripe blues, I ended up buying quite a bit. Am not used to much choices in life, you see.

However, it means now I'll have to wait a full 48 hours till the tailor turns the cloth to something wearable. Women definately have it easier- just buy a nine yard sari, wrap it around and there you go.

Now, by instinct, I am an impulse shopper- I even walk into Shoppers Stop on a Sunday evening just to de-stress. Whats the point in having money when it can't translate into things you fancy and whenever you fancy them. Having to wait for 48 hours I run the risk of losing interest in the purchase altogether.

I guess its the punishment I get for not gulping down every single glass of milk that Ma placed in front of me.

"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted." - Mae West
(Ooooh what a drift!!!)


MJS said...

Just one comment - Who says women have it easier!!! And what with that buying a 9 yard sari and wrapping it around!! Lemme tell you my fren.. that 9 yard saree needs accessories that take much more than 48 hours to get stiched!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with mjs...dude - the grass is always greener on the other side...