Friday, November 17, 2006

Hirasat Mein

Its that time of the year when I am supposed to hang up for the year and go away for a couple of weeks.So here I am - as a consequence of poor planning, sitting at home in Delhi doing nothing, at least for the time being.

I think for a while the Orkut wave had passed me by. So now that I have unlimited time, I decided to try my hands at it. It is a good way to kill time. Most people who Orkut say its a great way to meet up old friends. Hardly any of my old friends seem to be on Orkut. I guess the Orkut wave missed us all. But there are interesting things to do on it, especially in my current situation. For instance, joined a debate on the best Woody Allen film, or whether there'll be a sequel to Before Sunset.

I am doing sundry things. Catchng up on sleep, friends, good food. When I am not on the comp, I sleep. When I am sleeping I can hardly wake up- mostly because of the lack of nicotine in my bloodstream. And when my parents are firing away their 20 questions on marriage, I play Brickbreaker on my Blackberry.

Today I am meeting an ex-girlfriend. Tomorrow another one. Both are married. Both called me. I wanted to meet both of them together, but they wouldn't agree. The only other girl I used to date in Delhi is Still single. She hasn't called me. Hasn't even returned my calls. One of the disadvantages of having a fecund imagination is that one tends to draw conclusions, patterns. I am tempted to exercise that now.

IK has given me the responsibility of planning our hard core trip to Thailand. I did pack the LP but haven't really gotten down to reading it. IK is going to be cross when I get back to Bombay, but what the heck.
Anyway running late for my "DATE". Haha...

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