Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Low Today

I am feeling strangely low today.

Someone I used to date (and was particularly fond of) called to say that she’s getting engaged.

I know I’m being extremely silly, but well, that’s how it is.

And I wonder- that this is how it always goes: the cycle of getting in, getting out and then getting out for good. And somehow at times like this, I am always low- sometimes a bit, and on other times a bit more.

But then today is one of those days. Suddenly, post the conversation I lost my appetite, skipped lunch, and then by 4P.M, I suddenly realized that how silly I was being, and how hungry I was. And then ate too much and that made me feel very sick.

But then I am happy for the person who once was very good to me, and made me feel special and all that, for however long it lasted. Unfortunately, I am not the large hearted, benevolent type, which puts the goodness of the world beyond their personal petty issues of the heart, however irrational.

So I guess it is time to brood. And because this has happened after a long time (I am nearing 30- most women I used to date are planning babies) I have decided to go the whole hog. BossMan who is currently overseas has been Blackberry-ed a day’s leave request. Colleagues warned that I won’t be around to share the blame tomorrow, and so on.

And yes, if you’re the kind which likes dark posts- watch this space.


dazedandconfused said...

You know I love the dark posts...but eat. Somebody said (which strikes me as true) that nobody has committed suicide on a full stomach...:)

Quicksilver! said...


shikha said...

happens..life moves on and am sure you too will move on with it:)