Monday, November 20, 2006

The Leaving

Somewhere within your loving look I sense,
Without the least intention to deceive,
Without suspicion, without evidence,
Somewhere within your heart the heart to leave.

All You Who Sleep Tonight. VS


Anuja said...

chhutti blog likhte-likhte hi khatam kar doge kya? ;)

yep i know you'll be here on dec 9 - you told me, not Vipz! it should be the same as delhi temp that time. BTW - u coming on training or hol?

The One said...

Work. The sad part is that they've booked a place in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Then I'm on leave the week after that- but not in HK. Making plans for nearby.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

hey how was janam din?? !!

Anonymous said...

how did the "barista" event go yday???

The One said...

Anon1: Thanks for the wishes, but turning Thirty is hardly a happy event.
Anuja: Janam din was cool. The usual affair.
Anon2: Barista event went of well- check with your husband for details